Books by Nadia Reimer
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Colored Sand – a novel – an archeological adventure that takes place in the most haunting ancient city of Petra in the Jordanian desert. It is a saga of adventure, history and romance

Weeds of Paradise - a novel - A mystery in the  journey of a group of travelers joined by fate. They travel to different countries around the world; some in search of meaning to the absurdities of life while others seek only a clear path.

Under the Roman Pillar – a novel – another archeological adventure that takes place in the Roman ruins of the ancient city of Jerash in Northern Jordan; it is also a saga of adventure, history and a touch of romance

Old Garments and Matching Hats – 26 entertaining short stories from far and near. These stories are totally unrelated, only a product of reality in a surreal world. It is dedicated to the lost generation that once tried to make the world a better place. 

Stray Notes in a Minor Key – poetry in 3 languages, English, Spanish, and Arabic

Hunters of the Wild Beasts - - entertaining and informative - a novel of adventure, discovery, and learning that acquaints the readers with the long, long history of civilization in the Middle-East and how its inhabitants learn to live with it - or not. It reveals the character of life there in modern times and introduces the reader to memorable characters they would want to know in person.