Quotes by Nadia Reimer


       There is no such thing as a “just war”. If there were, then all wars are just, judging by the justifications of their advocates that turn men into beasts, wild beasts.

       Reason and luck are mutually exclusive, yet neither can be dismissed as improbable.

       One of the main requirements for peace is humility. Many preach peace, but few are humble enough to deny their supremacy.

       If negotiations fail to settle a disagreement, how can violence solve the problem?

       The most foolish person I ever met is the one who declares himself omniscient.

       There are too many incidents of serendipity to ignore the fact that some endeavors are conducted by very unrealistic means.

       In this vast galaxy, planet earth in its entirety is absolutely invisible to the naked eye, which proves there can be a great deal of detail in nothingness.

       If every piece of dirt is a remnant of a dead being, then the entire universe as we know it is but a magnificent recycling bin.

       To kill an hour or a million years is all the same in the spectrum of time.

       We are giants on an invisible earth.

       I am neither cynical nor pessimistic, just a human being unsatisfied with the existing answers.

       As for power and control, despite all the human atrocious attempts, the means are very limited due to the existence of an ultimate power that is capable of rendering us into nothing in less than a blink of an eye.

       When the conditions allow, childhood will surface at any stage in life to give us relief from the deception of maturity.

       On a more optimistic note, in our invisible microcosm, we are the giants we choose to be, and our visibility is reflected in our deeds for a very limited time, and that is all that matters.